The Centro Historico or historic center is the heart of Lima. If you are visiting Lima, you’ll likely find yourself spending a great deal of time here, so why not enjoy some of the best restaurants Central Lima has to offer, and there are plenty!

Ricon Cervecero
You’ll love the Rincon with its life size models of buxom barmaids and jolly guys in lederhosen. It really is Oktoberfest spirit and the food will have you wanting to return for more. Enjoy a drink or two and a great meal, all for a price that’s more than affordable.

Los Escribanos
This fashionable restaurant isn’t one you’ll forget soon. Los Escribanos specializes in the Peruvian and Italian cuisine, and you can enjoy the fabulous European coffees too. Don’t let the mid range to high pricing scare you because the menu is worth every penny.

La Choza Nautica
Don’t let the fact that the restaurant is located on the dingy side of the street. This is one of Central Lima’s best restaurants with more than 180 dishes prepared by the chef, focusing on fish, seafood, and chicken dishes. Whatever you fancy, you’ll never be disappointed.

El Estadio Futbol Club
The motto of the El Estadio Futbol Club is pretty simple – “Good food, good times, and soccer.” You’ll enjoy the stained glass soccer ball in the window, but you’ll enjoy the food even more. This really is the sports pub of all times. The food is to die for and you certainly won’t be disappointed choosing from the light menu while you enjoy your favorite beverage.

When visiting Lima you must visit Central Lima so why not take advantage of all the wonderful restaurants to choose from. We’ve covered a few of the best but there are plenty more so be sure to tantalize your taste buds!