Your visit to Lima is going to be an exciting time. Be sure to include at least a few of the Lima museums. There are many that are worth visiting.

1. Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera – Located on Boliver Avenue, it was founded back in 1926, on an ancient mansion from 1707. You’ll find the largest pre-columbine private art collection in the world right here. There are also archaeological exhibits of stone, gold, textile, wood, and ceramic. You’ll also find the only collection of Erotic Huacos in the world right here.

2. Museo de Arte (Museum of Art) – Located at Paseo Colon Street. Since 1961 it has been located on the Palacio de la Exposicion, which was built back in 1872. It was formed through the donation of pieces. Today the collections on exhibit show the art of Peru. It has a lot to offer so don’t miss this one.

3. Museo del Congreso y Antiguo Tribunal de la Inquisición – You’ll find this museum on Junin Street in the old colonial local of the Tribunal of the Saint Inquisition, which was initially a Nicolas de Riberas house. There’s plenty of history here. Take advantage and go home far more educated on the Lima and Peru.

These are three of the main Lima museums, but there are plenty of others so don’t be afraid to explore and discover why Lima museums are so popular.